About Netchakra

India is potentially one of the largest Internet markets in the world and has a unique mix of digital excellence along with digital divide. From e-commerce and digital news to gaming and e-government, India has changed a lot over the last 15 years since commercial launch of the Internet. This book addresses a number of critical research questions in this regard. What role does the Internet play in 21st century business and social patterns? How are Indian consumers and citizens reacting to and shaping the unfolding Internet environment? This project analyses broad impacts of the Internet in India, and provides recommendations for industry practitioners, governments, academics and citizens. The learnings are applicable to other countries as well.

Over 30 experts have contributed to this unique landmark book, providing a guide and analysis of the wide range of Internet impacts and growth in India. Authoritative insights and in-depth analyses are companied by useful actionable tips and road maps.